May 24, 2019


Monto Mani
Principal Investigator

Monto’s research deals with Sustainability science, an interdisciplinary domain, focusing both on its theoretical basis, and application in architecture (buildings) and design. His Sustainability and Design lab (SuDesi) comprises multi-disciplinary researchers working on diverse areas of sustainability dealing with buildings, renewables, product design and manufacturing. He is an Architect, with a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and doctoral specialization in Sustainability, wherein he developed a systems-framework identifying societal attitude as a critical determinant of sustainability.

Current Students

Tarun Kumar

An architect and design researcher, working on the integration of smart sensors and intelligent buildings, with an objective to save energy considering environmental and socio-economic sustainability.    

Manish Kumar

My research currently focuses on sustainability, specifically in the domain of manufacturing and design. It aims to develop a systems framework to identify and assess embodied and active impacts across a product’s various life cycle phases.    

Aysha Saifudeen
An academician and a researcher, aiming at climate responsiveness in building design, with focus on adaptation to climate change.
Siddharth Nair

A Technologist and a researcher with an aim to develop cost-effective designs with multi-disciplinary research focus around the field of Healthcare Technologies, Robotics, Electronics and Automobile.

Roshan R Rao
Roshan is currently pursuing his PhD and his work involves forecasting solar photovoltaic (PV) performance in the future climate.
Suchi Priyadarshani

An architect and a researcher working on Building Envelopes with focus on moisture in buildings.

Shreyata Khurana

Postdoctoral Fellows

Jayasree T K

Graduated Students

Praseeda K I
Gayathri Aaditya
Balaji N C
Pramod Ratnakar Khadilkar

Visiting Students

Valeria Cascione
Martin Schaefer