October 25, 2017

Sponsored Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Developing earth based building products utilizing solid wastes, University Grants Commission (UGC), India and UK-India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI), 2017-2019 (with Prof. B.V.V. Reddy (PI) and Nanjunda Rao)
  • EnSure – Promoting and Ensuring (Biodiversity) Resource Conservation and Livelihood Sustainability in Rural Villages at Sirsi, Karnataka, EarthWatch Institute**, India; 2015-2016 (with Shri. H. I. Somashekar and Prof. B.V.V. Reddy )
  • Assessing Resource and Energy Demand attributed to Modern Urbanizing Transitions in Rural Dwellings; 2012-2014 (with Prof. B.V.V. Reddy and Shri. H. I. Somashekar).
  • Studies into the impact of dust and PV temperature on PV system (performance) efficiency in tropical regions, Robert Bosch Centre for Cyber Physical Systems##, Indian Institute of Science; 2012-2014 (with Dr. Praveen Ramamurthy).
  • Technology and Human Development: A Capability Approach, Delft University of Tech. funded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research ;2010-2014 (with Prof. B. Gurumoorthy)

Completed Projects

  • Development, Testing and Promotion of Technology Packages for Total Rural Sanitation for Women in Coastal and Semi-Arid Village/Household Clusters
  • BHEL-IISc Joint research programme on Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) (with Prof. B.V.V. Reddy)
  • Technical advice on construction of Green Building for Bio-Fertilizer factory at Chennai (with Prof. B.V.V. Reddy)
  • Development and Testing of Domestic (Household level) Photovoltaic Integrated Hybrid Solar Still.
  • Technical advice towards design and construction for housing and sanitation in select Tsunami affected villages in Nagapattinam (with Prof. B.V.V. Reddy)
  • Design and Development of Technology Management Electronic Newsletter for DSIR, Government of India; www.techmotivator.iitm.ac.in (with Prof. L.S. Ganesh (PI), and Mrs. Geethanjali M.)
  • Sustainable Manufacturing – Boeing-IISc joint project (with Prof. Amaresh Chakrabarti)
** EarthWatch is an International Environmental Charity Organisation initiated in 1970 and conducts scientific research worldwide in four areas in response to environmental challenges: Wildlife and Ecosystems, Climate Change, etc.
## RBCCPS is an independent centre established at IISc with a grant from Robert Bosch (Germany) to facilitate interdisciplinary research in the science and engineering of cyber physical systems bridging industry and academia
Web: The TechMotivator website (www.techmotivator.iitm.ac.in) originally developed jointly at IIT Madras as a Technology Management portal (funded by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, India) and is a popular reference site for studies into morphology of technology (2003–2006).