Venkataraghavan R, Unilever R&D, appointed as Adjunct Faculty at CST

From: 01-06-2023

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Venkataraghavan R to Center of Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science as Adjunct Faculty. He has a background in materials and process science and his current research interests are focused on developing sustainable technology solutions towards replacing fossil carbon with renewable or recycled carbon. He is an IISc alumnus from the Physics department.


In his role at CST, Prof. Venkataraghavan is hoping to further catalyze strong ecosystem partnerships between academia and industry to positively impact climate and society. He hopes to continue developing technologies as well as build and share knowledge, focused on building a sustainable world through engagement and collaboration.

“I am excited to be given a unique opportunity to work across academia and industry to contribute to resolving some of the most pressing challenges, such as climate change, that we face today. I strongly believe that only a strong collaboration between scientists, technology, technocrats, and policy makers can help deliver India’s, and the worlds’, NetZero ambitions. And each one of us has a role to play, however small”, said Venkataraghavan.


About Venkataraghavan R

Venkataraghavan R completed his BSc (Hons.) in Physics from Hansraj College, Delhi University in 1991. He then joined the first batch of the Integrated PhD programme in Physics at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and obtained his PhD degree in 1999. He has held various research positions in industry since 1997 across Korea, Japan, USA and India, with premier institutions viz., LG, TIFR, Riken and Unilever. He is passionate about purposeful innovations that positively impact people and planet.


He is currently the Platform Leader, Clean Future at Unilever R&D Bangalore.