The Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST) established as Centre for ASTRA (Application of Science and Technology for Rural Areas) in 1974, is IISc inter-disciplinary research and technology development centre for providing sustainable solutions to host of global concerns, primarily dealing with energy, buildings and environment. The Centre's focus is on promoting Sustainable Technologies tailored to suit local conditions of resource availability and habitation.Read more




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  • Transforming construction for a low carbon future - MatERIAL Group

    2023 September

  • Best paper award at 7th World Water Summit to Saquib Sarosh and Sreenivasan Ramaswami

    2023 August

  • Venkataraghavan R, Unilever R&D, appointed as Adjunct Faculty at CST

    2023 June

  • Dr. Souradeep Gupta is selected as an “Infosys Young Investigator” at the Institute

    2023 April