October 25, 2017


  1. Patent filled on the “An integrated sanitation system and a process for effective treatment of wastewater”. Inventors (or Authors): Monto Mani, B. V. Venkatarama Reddy (Granted Patent No. 272306, 29 Mar’ 2016)
  2. Patent filled on the “A new low-embodied energy building integrated photovoltaic roof mounting mechanism”. Inventors (or Authors): IISc- Monto Mani and B. V. Venkatarama Reddy; BHEL- C.V. S. N. Murty, M. Sreenath, S. Lokabhiraman, and N. Anandarao, (Granted Patent No. 262623, 29 August 2014)
  3. Patent filled on the Double Guarded Hot Box. Inventors (or Authors): Monto Mani, B. V. Venkatarama Reddy, G. S. V. L. Narasimham, N. C. Balaji, K. I. Praseeda, and Gayathri Aadithya, (Granted Patent No. 363524, 30 March 2021)
  4. Patent filled on the Stove-mould assembly”. Inventors (or Authors): Pramod Khadilkar, S. S. Lokras, H. I. Somashekar, B. V. Venkatarama Reddy and Monto Mani. (Filed 27 Dec’ 2011 Application number: 4595/CHE/2011)
  5. Patent filled on the “Water Purifier cum Tester”. Inventors (or Authors): Kashyep Mani, Vinayak Kumar, Praveen C Ramamurthy, Monto Mani, and Amaresh Chakrabarti. (Filed 13 Nov’ 2014 Application number: 5712/CHE/2014)
  6. Patent filed on “A Portable and self-powered device and a system for obstacle identification and removal”. Inventors: Monto Mani, Yogansh Namdeo, Ujjal Hafila. (Filed 13 Aug’ 2019 PCT/IN2019/050595)