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Issue - 4, 3, 2, 1

Issue - 4 Toons

  • Does our ability to prevent, avoid, or even foolproof against ‘machine errors’ depend more on our ability to master the design of machines, or our ability to master the variety of our work styles/processes?  Why?

  • Do you believe that ‘self-correcting’ or ‘intelligent–adaptive’ machines will become or should be a standard customer requirement?

  • Will we stunt our fault analysis capabilities by designing more ‘dummies-proof’ machines?  What skills or capabilities are we likely to weaken or lose by designing and producing more such machines?

...send in your responses to...   techmotivator@iitm.ac.in

Issue - 3 Toons

Source: http://www.jklossner.com/TechToons/Images/dot33.gif

  • Is technology causing today’s children and adolescents to become more insensitive to relationships within their families?

  • Can new technologies be developed to enable better bonding within families, or how can present technologies be used for this?

  • Are internet technologies making individuals more vulnerable to personal security breaches?

...send in your responses to...   techmotivator@iitm.ac.in

Issue - 2 Toons

Source: http://www.jklossner.com/TechToons/Images/dot33.gif

  • Despite technology, do borrowing habits die hard?

  • Under what conditions does a technology become obsolete?

  • Do you think writing instruments would become obsolete? Why or why not?

  • What changes do you foresee in technologies for writing?

...send in your responses to...   techmotivator@iitm.ac.in

Issue - 1 Toons

Source: http://www.jklossner.com/TechToons/Images/dot52.gif

  • What are the messages you think this cartoon conveys?

  • Are cell phones a boon or a bane?  Why?  Under what conditions?

  • Can you think of a different caption for the same cartoon?

  • Would you like to share a techtoon or a techjoke?

...send in your responses to...   techmotivator@iitm.ac.in

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