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Mr. H.I. Somashekar. MSc Ag(UAS)


ASTRA/ Centre for Sustainable Technologies
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012

Phone: 91-80-2293 3015 


Area of interest:

  • Rural energy consumption studies
  • Energy plantations and Forestry
  • Community Biogas System based Rural Energy Centres
  • Energy Plantation linked Biomass Gasifier based Rural Bio-energy Centres
  • Development targeted decentralized community level project management systems
  • Field testing and dissemination of energy efficient Cook Stoves and Agro Processing Driers
  • Energy flow studies
  • Forestry
  • Rural bioenergy centres based on biomass gasification and biogas systems
  • Dissemination of improved cookstoves, agroprocessing driers for post-harvest applications

 Selected Publications:

  • Shailaja R., Ravindranath N.H., Somashekar H.I. and Jagadish K S; Biomass generation in mixed tree plantations Energy for Sustainable Development, 1(3), 51-55
  • Ravindranath N.H., Somashekar H.I., Shailaja R., Parathasarathy C.K. and Jagadish K.S. Study of tree plantation resources in a semi-arid region of Karnataka Energy Environment Monitor, 8(2), 71-77 
  • Ravindranath N.H., Dattaprasad H.L. and Somashekar H.I. 1990 A rural energy system based on energy forest and wood gasifier Current Science, 59 (11), 557-560 
  • Ravindranath N.H. et al. 1981 An Indian village agricultural ecosystem - case study of Ungra village - Part I: main observations Biomass, 1, 61-76
  • H.I. Somashekar, S. Dasappa and N.H. Ravindranath; Rural bioenergy based on biomass gasifiers for decentralized power generation: case study of two villages in southern India, Energy for Sustainable Development, vol. IV, No. 3, 55-63, October 2000. (30% contribution) 
  • P. Sudha, H.I. Somashekar, Sandhya Rao and N.H. Ravindranath; Sustainable biomass production for energy in India, Biomass & Bioenergy, 25 (2003) 501-515. (30% contribution)
  • N.H. Ravindranath, H.I. Somashekar, C.N. Jayasheela reddy and S. Dasappa; Sustainable biomass power for rural India; Case study of biomass gasifier power for village electrification, Current Science 2004. (In print) (30% contribution)
  • H.I. Somashekar, P. Rajabapaiah and Amulya K.N. Reddy; Pura people's forest: from dreams to initial steps, Rural Technology-A 25 year perspective, Silver Jubileee Proc. Vol.2, ASTRA 
  • ASTRA ole and Driers, brief information about construction to be used as a training mannual, (Kannada version) compiled by H.I. Somashekar, S. Murtuza Ali, B.V.V. Reddy, K.S. Jagadish and S.S. Lokras, Centre for Sustainable Technologies (ASTRA)-200 
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